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Sally Hooper, President of Crusader-Services

Sally Hooper has over 20 years experience in the Marketing Research Field, most of those as Field Director and Director of Online Research. There she managed literally thousands of Corporate business to business studies of every kind. She has worked at every level of the field starting as a telephone interviewer in 1986.

She was a pioneer of online marketing research. She began championing the cause in 1995, quickly putting her company online and developed many applications for her newly created Online Research Division. By 1996 her company was online and using the online methods with their own site, own online surveying software and own online focus group program. All of this software was developed by Sally and Crusader Services. She now has over 18 years experience in the online world.

Education: Sally has a BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art's 5 year program, with additional study at California State University Northridge, Santa Monica College and The Woman's Building.

The Burke Institute, Certificate of Proficiency in Marketing Research & Applications

The Marketing Research Association's, University of Georgia, Certificate Principles of Marketing Research.

Associations:Sally is a member of the AMA, the American Marketing Association, and MRA, the Market Research Association.

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Jack Farmer, Founder and Lead Tech of Crusader-Services

Jack is the Founder and the Technical Lead of Crusader-Services, responsible for all equipment, operating systems and network decisions, security, software programs and planning. He keeps the system up, running and secure. Jack is also the planner, the idea person and the big picture person. He has been the sole force behind his company, Crusader-Services since 1985.

Jack has had experience with many operating systems and is now a dedicated open source Linux advocate; hence all of Crusader-Services systems, except the graphics systems, run on Linux. Jack's connections to the online world allow him to locate talented technical consultants who can accomplish any project or task at hand. He is responsible for Crusader Services having the creative technical team it has.

Previously, Jack was a pioneer in the online field and has been working with computers for almost 20 years. Jack was a *BBS Operator starting in 1985 with a Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) F Board computer. He had one of the first BBS's in the country running on a CoCo that used a hard drive without needing OS9, using strictly RS-DOS.

Jack then used his online experience to setup an Internet consulting service, Crusader Services. In 1996 with Jack's lead, Crusader Services became a dedicated consulting company for XBRG, and was the entire Online Division for XBRG (Xerox Business Research Group) and IBRC, (International Business Research Center) developing and hosting all online and technical functions for their online marketing research division and web site.

Presently, Crusader Services is concentrating on web portal systems and custom projects providing many customers with online solutions for their business needs.

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