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  On-line focus group & BBS software...

Jump start your research now with our custom developed on-line focus group program, InterQue, developed especially for the marketing research industry by a seasoned professional. Simple, intuitive and has all the features a moderator would need and nothing more. No downloads necessary on the client side.

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On-line Focus Group Software

Are your customers 3 steps ahead of you?




      New features :

  • Private chat ROOM, not messaging available from inside a current room.
  • Ability to turn off entrance of late comers.
  • True anonymous ID numbers for complete anonymity of participants. (all that is need is an email address or a way to give them the link. It could even be passed out written on paper). Perfect if you need true anonymity!
  • Videos are now able to be directly loaded into the whiteboard area.




Email your top 10 customers, show them a concept and get their feedback in one hour. Own your own software and stop paying high prices per one time use. Get your customer feedback regardless of budget. Perfect for a department that has limited budget and a big need for immediate feedback.



Bulletin Board Services (BBS)

An Old Favorite comes into its own.


On-line Surveys

How fast is data mo
ving now? Answer: VERY FAST

Web based surveys continue to have value to businesses that need fast economical feedback from their customers. There are many methods of doing this, from a quick fast survey to more detailed and systematic methods of getting the customer's feedback in a timely manner. Result: Increased sales.



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