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Our History...

Sally Hooper and Jack Farmer are the founders of Crusader Services. They and their team have many years of online experience and a multi-faceted set of skills.

They can approach a business project from many viewpoints: technically, visually (design), business and marketing research wise. Their understanding of the business world, technical issues and good visual design translates into “out of the box” problem solving and creative solutions for you.

The History of Crusader Services:

Jack Farmer has been running BBS's (Bulletin Boards Services) since 1985, starting out on a Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) F Board computer. At one time he was among one of the few BBS's in the country (running on that machine) that ran on a hard drive without needing OS9 using strictly RS-DOS. He continued running "The Crusader BBS" on many different platforms.

The Crusader BBS, located in Hollywood, CA, was a well known BBS and Jack was well known for his anti-piracy stance. Sally Hooper became a Co-Sysop in 1991 and together Sally and Jack built the Crusader BBS into a four telephone line BBS and had callers worldwide calling in to their system. For those who may remember, this system ran on DOS 5, used ANSI Screens and Mustang BBS Software. The computer was a very fast 286 with a brand new and very expensive 96 Baud modem! (Very slow by today's standards).

Jack and Sally then used their online BBS experience to setup an online consulting Service called Crusader Services.

Sally is also an artist and is a Graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. She worked in corporate market research for 18 years in the marketing research field. She was the Director of Field and Online Services, a capacity she served in for many years. There she gained invaluable experience in marketing research and the business to business research field. She directed the Online Division and the telephone call center where she cost estimated and project directed literally thousands of business to business marketing research studies of all types.

Using their company Crusader Services, she and Jack put Sally's company (XBRG Xerox Business Research Group and IBRC) online with their first web site, then created online survey capabilities, online administration functions, customized customer feedback software solutions and much else giving them a complete full array of online capabilities, including developing and creating software for an online focus group program.

Crusader Services was totally instrumental in developing the Sentinel System which would never have happened without Sally's project work and the use of her own Crusader Services personnel.

Do a Google search for Sentinel and Xerox and IBRC for links to furthur explain just how sucessful this Sentinel project was that Sally and her team developed:

In 2002 Crusader Services left the corporate world and once again began creating solutions independently for clients and has been developing marketing research solutions and software for the general marketing research public.

Why the name Crusader?

Jack named his Bulletin Board System The Crusader BBS as a symbol of his belief in religious freedom stemming from the Portland Crusade for Religious Freedom that he was personally involved in in 1985. We have kept that name throughout the years as the organization has grown. Jack is an over 30 year Scientologist and a Scientology Volunteer Minister. Volunteer Minister Site .


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