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Bulletin Board Services (BBS)...with InterQue Software...

BBS / Message board / Diary Program / Overtime Focus Groups:
This addition will allow respondents to enter a Message Area much like a BBS and answer questions at their convenience. Invitations are sent, transcripts are kept, graphics can be shown on White Board, etc. InterQue software includes both the BBS and the Focus Group programs..

Crusader Services offers to the Market Research Community Forums in a BBS that can be “rented” and customized with your company logo as well as providing guidance and installation on your own site.

These BBS / Forums are essentially like an extension of a focus group in that customers can be invited via phone or email, then emailed the link, details and passwords. Security and confidentiality are assured for each site.

The forum can be either moderated or not as you chose and can be online as long as you want. Text of the forums can be copied and pasted into one document as a transcription.

A BBS will allow customers to log on at their convenience. Moderators keep the messages on topic and can also probe replies for clarity.

This would be ideal for a panel or any group from which you want feedback on an ongoing or semi-regular basis.

The BBS has all the features of InterQue plus some specifically for the BBS function:




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