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About Return Rates for Email Studies and Web-based Surveys

The following information all assumes that respondents have either agreed to participate through a telephone recruit or are members of a group, company or association, or are a customer of such group, company or association.

The return rate for a blanket outreach of email is not much different than a mail survey where return rate can be 10%. Return rates for email invitations to go to a web based survey, are generally less than 10% depending on the specifics of the study.

Note: Return rates can NEVER be guaranteed! Basically, you put it out there and get back what you get back, based on the true perception of the respondent's interest and the above factors. If another company (we do not), guarantees you a certain return rate, they are just telling you what you want to hear. Remember your customer or the respondent may not be as interested as you are in your product's details. If you MUST have small quotas or exact numbers, a telephone survey is a better choice.

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