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Biography: Sally Hooper


Sally is a Principle of the Crusader-Services. Crusader Services specializes in InterQue, an on-line focus group program, Web Portal Systems (online *BBS's), online marketing research, and the development of special projects for selected clients.

Sally has over 20 years experience in the Marketing Research Field, most of those as Field Director and Director of Online Research, where she managed literally hundreds of Corporate business to business studies of every kind. She has worked at every level of the field starting as a telephone interviewer.

Sally is also a trained artist (painter) who is an enthusiastic hands-on coder and web designer. She designed and programmed her former company's Corporate Website as well as designing a website for the California Restaurant Association, the SoCal MRA site, and several others.

She was a pioneer of online marketing research. She began “championing the cause” in 1995, quickly putting her company online and developed many applications for her newly created Online Research Division. By 1996 her company, The Busienss Research Center, onsite consultants for XBRG, Xerox Business Research Group, was online and using the online methods with their own site, own online surveying software and own online focus group program. All of this software was developed by Sally and The Crusader BBS. She now has over 16 years experience in the online world.

Previously, Sally and her husband, Jack Farmer, had been running a *BBS (Bulletin Board Service). She was the *Co-SysOp of the then 4 line BBS, The Crusader BBS . The Crusader BBS, was a well known world-wide BBS and had been online since 1985. The Crusader BBS was also a pioneer in its field, being among the first to use many new technologies. This gave Sally invaluable hands-on experience in online communications.

Sally's experience and background gives her a unique set of business skills which allows for an unusually open and creative approach to problem solving. She has an excellent understanding of both business and technical issues and knows how to incorporate this with good visual design. Along with an exreame care about her customers she brings to all her customers her very best.

Education: BFA from The Cleveland Institute of Art's 5 year program, with additional study at Northridge College , Santa Monica College and The Woman's Building in Los Angeles..

Certificates: Burke Institute, "Certificate of Proficiency in Marketing Research & Applications", Marketing Research Association, University of Georgia , Certificate "Principles of Marketing Research". Sally was one of the first to complete this course which has now turned into the CPR designation.

Associations: AMA, the American Marketing Association, and MRA, the Market Research Association.

Notes: *BBS = Bulletin Board System A system used for providing e-mail, conferences and file uploading and downloading. A communication and interchange system. ; *SysOp = Systems Operator

Sally Hooper
Crusader Services